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Welcome and thanks for tuning in. The purpose of this video is to walk you through Prospecting features in Penny.

Now we start our journey in the Prospecting section of Penny, which you can identify by the pick axe icon located in the left-hand side toolbar. Now possibly the most important feature of Prospecting is to turn on the, Fill Your Funnel option.

If you've imported your social or phone contacts, Penny will add five Reach-outs from your Recommended Prospects. Every single day, Prospecting in Penny involves two tasks and as with all tasks in Penny, they are communication-based, there's a Reach-out, which is your very first contact with a new Prospect. And then there's Follow-ups you can do as many Follow-ups as it takes to convert that Prospect into a Customer.

Completing a Reach-Out

Let's complete a Reach-out for Terri Lynn.

When we click on her, we'll notice over to the right, the Task Pad. The Task Pad will allow us to reschedule or remove the Reach-out as well as communicate for the purposes of reaching out.

When you see the plus symbol, you're being prompted to add that method of communication to their contact. But when you see the symbol for the social network, like we do for Messenger or Instagram, We can use that method of communication. When we click on Messenger, Penny will automatically pop up in Facebook Messenger for me and bring me to Terri Lynn's profile.

Now I can use my natural talent to start a conversation with Terri Lynn and build rapport for that very first interaction. Once I've completed that I can come back into Penny and I'll notice that the task is now marked as pending. This is really useful. If I want to wait for a reply before I mark the task as complete and now we'll see why. One of the most awesome features about Prospecting and Penny is categorization.

Penny How To Complete A Reachout Task


So by categorizing your Prospects, this is going to allow you to make a decision about how to spend your time. We'll look at it later, but Penny has the ability to filter all your Prospects so that you can decide who to spend time with.

So let's go ahead and categorize Terri Lynn as a Hot Prospect. Once we do automatically Penny, we'll put a little flame icon on her, schedule a Follow up for two weeks and give you the ability to add some notes as well as tags.


Now, for me, notes are really important. Notes are like the seeds of rapport. It's how you build a relationship with your customers by remembering what you spoke with them about, and maybe what you can talk to them about next time.


Tags are a really powerful feature in Penny. And it's super easy to use. You can just type in anything you want to create a tag. In this case, I've got a New Mom tag and a Vegan tag.

There's an advanced feature in Penny called Custom Lists. That would allow me to create a list of everybody with those tags. Anyways, we've got our Followup scheduled for two weeks and as you can see at the bottom, it's all complete.

So that's it. I mean, completing a Reach out is very easy.

Penny Generic Prospecting Tags


Let's take a look at our Follow-ups. As soon as we head over to Follow-ups. We can see Terri Lynn in there because we just booked that by completing her Reach out. So we've got to follow up for Terri Lynn scheduled for April 10th.

Now, before we head over and I show you pending, we're going to start a reach out to Melissa. So I'm going to click on Instagram. It's going to automatically pop Instagram, opens that I can send Melissa a message.

We'll go in there. I mean, we don't have to, but we'll just type in something quick, you know, blah, blah, blah. There we go. Now, assuming we hit send, we're going to head back to Penny and now we can see this Pending tag that's been added.

Sometimes you want to wait until the customer replies before you actually mark the Reach out as complete to allow you to categorize more accurately, but any account where you've started a message, but not completed it, you'll see that in pending.

Let's take a look at the Recommended Prospect section.

Now Penny uses powerful artificial intelligence components to sort through all of the contacts  you bring in and determine who might be a great Prospect. This is an awesome feature. And assuming that you've turned on the Fill Your Funnel option every day, Penny will suggest five of these people for you to Reach-out to how cool is that?

Remember earlier when we categorized Terri Lynn as a Hot Prospect. Well, on the left-hand side, we've got filters for all of those categorizations. When we click on Hot Prospects, it'll show us all of our Hot Prospects.

Obviously you're going to spend more time working with people that you've categorized more favorably, so these filters in prospecting allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Overall, remember that, even though there's a lot of stuff going on on the screen, there are really only two tasks associated with Prospecting Reach outs, which is the very first point of contact and then Followups, which you can do as many times as you need until you convert the person into a customer.

Generic Fill Your Funnel

Adding a Task

So let's take a look at adding a task. At any point in Penny, you can add a task for any of your Customers or Prospects. This could be for any reason at all.

Maybe you've got a special occasion coming up or you thought of a product that would be a perfect fit for your Customer. Anyways, the first step is to type in your Customer's name and look for them.

Once you've typed in your Customer, you can then decide when you want to book the appointment for them. We have some great built-in options, like tomorrow, two days next week, you can pick a date using a calendar and you can even choose Previously Completed.

Previously Completed would come in handy if you had an off the cuff conversation with any of your clients, or maybe you ran into them at the grocery store, once we choose our date, we can just click, Add Task and then add notes and tags like we did in the previous example. I can't stress this enough, keeping great notes for your tasks as well as your customer files is a really instrumental part of being a great sales person.

Once we've entered our notes and any tags we want to add, all we have to do is click on Add Notes and Tags, and that's it. That's how you can add a task for anybody at any time.

In previous videos, we covered how you can import your social or phone contacts into Penny but now I want to show you how you can manually add a Prospect at any time. Directly under, Add a Task.

Penny Increase Daily Tasks

Adding a Prospect

There's an option to Add a Prospect.

Let's click on that. All right. Now we're just going to simply enter our contact name as well as some other essential information. So we'll type that in. Where do they live? Vancouver, BC.

There we go and now we'll enter a phone number, enter an email. (If you have it.) There's other information that you can enter. You're able to edit contacts at any point. We've covered that in previous videos. That's quite simple.

Since we've added a new prospect, Penny is automatically jumping in and asking you, when do you want to schedule your first Reachout?

You have the opportunity to add notes as well as tags. We'll go ahead and add a couple in like a gym tag I've created and my trusty vegan tag as well. All right. Once we've added those in, all we need to do is tap on save and that's it.

We've manually added a prospect independent and scheduled a reach out the Prospecting section also has buttons to allow you to re-import your social accounts. This is important because when you do it, you're taking a snapshot essentially. So by reimporting, you're bringing in any new friends or contacts you've added since the last time.

When we click the button, we will be brought to this familiar screen where we can just click and Penny will retrieve any Facebook friends that she hasn't already brought over.

Pretty easy process everybody. This way you can ensure that you're keeping up with all of the new contacts and your social accounts. Okay. Well, let's click on Prospecting to head back to the prospecting section. Make sure you got that Fill Your Funnel option turned on.

All right. Well that about does it for this video. Thanks for tuning in. And remember with an assistant like Penny every day is a big day.

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