Ideal VS Reality

Join me as we look at how being consistent is more important than anything else! 🎉

We all have an ideal working scenario in our minds. We're going to work our business every day for three hours, or every Saturday, or every lunchtime, but then reality raises its head. Planning an achievable and consistent worrk schedule is much more important than planning the 'perfect' schedule.

Ask yourself, what is my ideal? And what is my reality?

It's important to acknowledge the differences between your ideal and reality.

Often we get stressed because we can't get everything done that we wanted to. That's where assessing your reality is important.

You need to be gentle to yourself and understand what you can realistically achieve in a month.

How Penny can help

  • Changing your workload settings in the Daily
  • Use your Daily to-do list to keep you consistent

Penny Encouragement
Just wanted to say, You Are Amazing! Don't let anyone make you think otherwise ⭐️
- Penny

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