How To Share Content (1)

Join me as I show you how to add content to Penny!

In this episode, I show you every single thing you can do with content in Penny.

  • Where to find content in Penny
  • What types of content you can add
  • How to add contentt
  • How to search for content
  • How to navigate content
  • How to create content categories
  • How to insert 'first name' in script content
  • How to share content
  • What is corporate content (Penny Enterprise only)

The Penny Place is the official group for Penny app users to come together and learn about how to use Penny to build your business.

Ask questions, discuss features, give feedback — this is your place for anything Penny app related. All Penny users are welcome, we focus predominantly on Penny Essential & Penny Thrive features!

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