Using Penny Consistently

Join me and find out how your business grows sustainably when you use Penny consistently?

When we look at the data, sellers who complete 30 tasks a month (or more) see significantly more growth than those completing fewer tasks.

We all know that if you work your business you're going to see more growth. But, it can be difficult to move from planning mode to action mode. Or from fun mode to work mode. (Making a pretty social media graphic is fun but it's not an active selling activity)

Penny is so powerful because if you complete the tasks recommended then you're actively building your business. (Check out this Penny Place episode where I show you How to Categorize your Contacts so Penny gives you the right task for each contact)


Penny Encouragement
You are smashing it! Remember, no one said you can't move the goal post for success! Celebrate each small win 🎉
- Penny

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