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When you're new to social selling there are a million things to remember. Penny is designed to set new sellers up for success by creating an easy, repeatable process to find customers, nurture customers and keep all your information in one place.

Colleen Nichols is the founder of No Shame Sales Game and Direct Sales Growth Community and this is how she invites her new team to Penny so they can get started from day one.

It’s so important to set your team up for success because their success is your success. If consultants don’t make their first sale in their first 14 days, 50% end up quitting. It’s important to set your team members up for success from the jump so they start to believe that they can actually do this. I tell everyone that if they have a new team member to start them with Penny from day one.

Colleen | Home Office
Colleen Nichols
DSGC & No Shame Sales Game

This is how I invite my new team members to Penny! 🎉

  • Go into Penny
  • Click More
  • Click Invite Your Team 
  • Select your contact you want to invite (You can always search for them. If they aren’t a contact already you’ll need to add them) 
  • Write a personalized message
  • Send the invite!

Daily Penny App

If you start with Penny from day one and you’re building that foundation it’s just so much easier to keep track of your connections, and keep up with your to-do list and then move forward and succeed. Starting with Penny from day one is great because it’s something that you can continually add to and build along your journey.

Colleen | Home Office
Colleen Nichols
DSGC & No Shame Sales Game

Make new connections faster with Penny+

The free extension that lets you create Penny tasks in Instagram and LinkedIn into Penny. 

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You are smashing it! Remember, no one said you can't move the goal post for success! Celebrate each small win 🎉
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