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How to Multi-Text Custom Lists

In this Workshop Roxanne shares how to follow up with multiple connections via text message in minutes.  

00:00 Introducing Rubi your Spanish interpreter

01:04 En Espanol 

01:26 Workshop intro

02:45 When & how to multi-text

03:44 Starting a list to multi-text

07:50 Adding people to your list

15:05 Creating your list

18:45 Editing your list 

20:00 Multi-texting your list 

25:50 Customizing your message

27:42 Ready to press send

30:15 Messaging like a human


Reaching out to everyone is really hard to do and it’s time consuming. It could take you an hour or two hours just to make that list manually yourself — Penny can do it in moments.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to create a custom list
  • How to use it to multi-text 
  • What’s the best way to multi-text your message

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Multi-texting is a different to mass texting because you're carefully choosing who to message and customizing each message before hitting send
  2. To use multi-text, first you need to build a 'Custom List' (basically a list of contacts you've specifically selected)
  3. To speed up making your Custom Lists, you can use all the tags and labels already in Penny
  4. For each list, add the generic message you want to tailor before sending to people (Top tip 🔥 use the quick personalization tricks like first_name to speed up customizing your messages)
  5. That's it. Now it's time to work through your list! 🎉
  6. Before you press send, customize each message further. Did you see Alex yesterday at the store, you should probably mention that?
  7. As we know, Facebook jail is a real thing, but did you know text jail is too? Send your messages in batches so you don't trigger a warning
  8. Keep creating more lists
  9. Keep personalizing your messages
  10. Good luck!

Find out how Colleen the Founder of No Shame Sales Game uses Custom Lists to manage her workload.

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