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For many in the direct sales industry, prospecting is a daunting task. Especially when you don’t want to feel like you’re wasting your time reaching out to people and building relationships when they may never convert to being a customer or joining your team.

Penny helps you alleviate two of your biggest prospecting dilemmas. 

  1. By identifying who in your contact list is most likely to convert to a prospect
  2. By giving easy, repeatable steps to reach out to prospects and keep track of their progress along their sales journey

Prospecting with Penny uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and workflow automation to suggest which contacts in your database are most likely to convert to customers so your time is used as effectively as possible. 

So, how does Penny make prospecting, dare we say it, easy...? 

Prospecting with Penny

(While reading below assume that all your contacts and social media friends are already loaded into Penny so your virtual assistant can really take your business to the next level!) 

Fill Your Funnel

Every day Penny can suggest prospects for you to reach out to as part of your Daily to do list. Penny uses AI to determine who is most likely to be interested in your products and company. By letting Penny choose your prospects you’ll be saving valuable time only reaching out to those who are likely to help you grow your business!

Profile Cards for Contacts

Here you have all the information on your clients in one place. On each contact card you have immediate access to their social media and contact information. You can see both the past activity and the upcoming scheduled activity in one location including their next auto-ship, follow up and check-ins. (This isn’t just for prospecting contacts this is for everyone!) 

This makes prospecting so much easier because when Penny recommends someone to reach out to, it's a simple click in their contact card, double-check any notes there already and then select their preferred contact method to contact them directly! Penny will then automatically update to confirm that you reached out to them. 

Depending on how you work you can then either consider the activity done or mark the contact as pending until you hear back from them. There are lots of ways in Penny for you to tailor how you run your business. 

Ranking your prospects

All prospects are made equal, but some are more equal than others… 

After a reaching out to your prospect Penny will ask you how your reach out went:

🌳 On the Fence

⚡️ There’s a Chance

🔥 Hot Prospect

💎 Potential Consultant

🚫 Not Interested

By ranking them - Penny will schedule your next follow up automatically for you based on set criteria in the app.

  • On the Fence - follow-up in 60 days 
  • There’s a Chance - follow-up in 30 days 
  • Hot Prospect - follow-up in 2 weeks 
  • Potential Consultant - follow-up 2 in weeks
  • Not Interested - removed from prospecting list

There's also the option to override Penny’s automatic scheduling and choose a followup date of your own. 

You can then view your prospects by rank type — If say, for today, you want to dedicate your time to reaching out to all the Potential Consultants. (Or retrospectively rank a prospect through their profile card at any time.)

Creating a reach out in the past

When you relocate your business from your notebook to Penny? You can add all the information on previous follow ups stored in your notebook so you know when you last reached out to your prospects. Making it easier for you and easier for Penny to know when to reach out to them next. 

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“What used to take me eight hours, I can now do in about twenty minutes. It may sound ridiculous but I was juggling so many customers and team members across the globe in multiple time zones. And I pride myself on really caring about my customers and team. So before I reach out to them I'm checking - what did we last talk about, what did they last order, checking their social media in case I have missed any life updates, writing personal messages for each and every one of them and making sure I sent them within working hours of their time zone.”

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This is a high level overview of the prospecting section in Penny. And this is just one section!! There’s also a Customer Care section and a Team Care section to help you manage other areas of your business. Supporting features also include pre-saving scripts and content with the ability to share it with contacts in Penny making reach outs and check-ins that little bit easier. 

Happy prospecting!

If you’re new to prospecting or have new team members looking to gain more insight check out our Prospecting for Beginners article. 

Penny Encouragement
You are smashing it! Remember, no one said you can't move the goal post for success! Celebrate each small win 🎉
- Penny

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