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Fortune is in the Follow Up

Follow up!

Have you heard ‘fortune is in the follow up’ before? It’s one of the most important things in this industry. Find out Becky’s top tips for following up and why it’s so important.


  • Why Fortune is in the Follow up?
  • What following up looks like?
  • The top opportunities for following up

In this next lesson, we’re going to talk about the Fortune being in the follow up. Now I know this is a commonly used phrase in direct sales. If you’ve been around a little bit, you’ve probably heard somebody tell you this… 392 times, but I’m going to say it again. The fortune is in the follow up.

So let’s talk about what that actually looks like. We’re going to break it down and look at it on a very tactical level around when you follow up with a customer, maybe even before they place an order or make a purchase, after that purchase, and then when you check back with them before they make their next purchase, those are all very important touchpoints, and it’s super important to stay on top of this follow up because once you have a customer, you want to retain that customer. You want to provide great customer service to that customer to really keep them coming back for more time and time again.

As you’re thinking about before they place an order. Maybe you meet somebody at an event. Maybe they come to an online party. Maybe you’ve had a couple of conversations in passing, but they haven’t quite decided to take the leap and make an order yet. This is the perfect time to follow up. You’re going to follow up and just check in and say, hey, I’m putting in an order. You know, it’s going to go in on Friday. Do you want me to add that to my cart for you? Give them a little bit of a deadline. That urgency is really important. We are all procrastinators by nature. So letting me know that, you know, maybe there’s a special ending or a deal that’s only good for so long or that you’re actually wrapping things up and putting an order in on a certain date to kind of push them along to make sure that that sale actually happens.

So after they’ve placed an order, a couple of touchpoints that I recommend, number one, thank them for that order. And there’s so many ways to do this. You can do it publicly and post something on their Facebook or social media. The next touchpoint I would recommend is when that order ships.

So if you have a tracking number, you can follow up and say, oh, just wanted to let you know that order should be arriving to you on Friday. If you have any questions in the meantime, let me know, right?

And then after they received the order, that’s another great touchpoint to check in. Make sure they got it, ok? Make sure it met their expectations. Exceeded their expectations. Answer any questions they have about how to use the product or any kind of tips you have related to that product is super important as well.

And then you kind of get into this in-between space. They’ve placed an order, but they haven’t quite placed another order. So how do you continue to build the relationship with that customer during that timeframe? So a couple of quick things that I recommend any kind of practical tip or how to relate it to that product. Even better, if you can just record a quick little video and shoot it over to them and say, oh, by the way, I ran across this tip wanted to share it with you? I thought that you would love it as you’re using your new product aisle. Also, you want to check in and ask how they’re liking it, ask if they need to reorder or they need more, being able to anticipate their need before they know they need it is awesome sales strategy.

So those follow ups are a million percent active selling strategies. They count all the way and are all so important to you as you’re building your business to make sure that you’re allocating the time, you’re carving it out in your calendar and you’re being really proactive with that follow up. So you can kind of stay on top of things and make sure that you continue to retain that customer for the long haul.

Becky Launder

Becky is the CEO + Co-Founder of Modern Direct Seller. Her professional background is in marketing strategy, leadership training and direct selling. With a Masters in Leadership and Management, she spent over a decade working in Operations and Marketing with an amazing company training leaders all across the world. Becky's direct sales biz began to skyrocket and she quickly abandoned the 9-5 desk job. She's a builder, loves coaching and training her team to success, is easily excited about #allthethings and has endless ideas.
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