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How to Build a Profitable Social Selling Business

Top Income Producing Activities

The Top Active Selling Activities to make your Business Profitable

In Becky’s second lesson she goes through all the different types of Active Selling Activities you can incorporate into your business plan. (Remember to check out the accompanying worksheet!)


  • Different Active Selling Strategies
  • How to incorporate the activities into your business

Now, you might be thinking, what are those money making activities? Give me a list. Help me focus. Help me prioritize. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this next lesson. We’re going to talk through all the different active selling strategies that you can deploy in your business at any point.

So the first one is going to be online parties. So online parties are a great way to get out of your network and into other networks. Now, if you’re not part of a party plan type company, that is OK, that is perfectly fine. You can still run info sessions educational events. Share your product in a virtual party format as a way to introduce yourself to new groups of friends and to share a lot of information with people at one time.

Next on the list is home parties. So if you’re one of those people that want to get in front of people in person, hop into somebody’s living room. There you have it. Home parties are definitely on the list.

Next step is going to be vendor events. So if you have a product that you’re able to share at a vendor event or some kind of show or festival or event, a lot of schools and churches offer vendor events where you pay a small fee for a booth you set up and you’re able to get in front of a lot of people at one time and generate leads. That is another active selling strategy that you may want to work into the mix.

The next one I absolutely love, and I don’t feel like it gets enough love, one on one personal shopping appointment. So people are shopping with you because they like you and they like the personal attention and the customer service that you’re providing to your customers. So think about different personal shopping appointments that you can create. This could be virtual using Zoom, FaceTime, or it could be in-person when people come over to your house or you come to them.

Another option for you is going to be a drop in shop. So this is a similar concept to a pop up party. But if you have samples in your business or even some inventory, you can do a drop in shop where you literally bring the product to your local customer store. Drop it off. Leave it there for a couple of days. Tell them to fill out an order form. Keep what they want, return what they don’t, and you’re going to get some sales from that. That’s a good one.

The last one I want to mention is fundraising. So if your company has a built in fundraising strategy, you can definitely leverage that. Or you can also kind of build out your own fundraising, that could be including donating product to a charity or organization or family in need. Or it could also be a cash donation where you’re collecting that money and you’re purchasing product again to donate so lots of different ways to work fundraisers into your business, but they count as active selling strategies. That’s a great one to build your business and also be able to give back.

Now, don’t try to do all of these just too much, but I do want to challenge you to pick one, two, maybe three active selling strategies that you want to have in the mix of your business for the next few months. I’m a big fan of 90 Day planning, so maybe pick two or three that over the next three months, you really see as the building blocks and the foundation of your sales strategy this next quarter.

Becky Launder

Becky is the CEO + Co-Founder of Modern Direct Seller. Her professional background is in marketing strategy, leadership training and direct selling. With a Masters in Leadership and Management, she spent over a decade working in Operations and Marketing with an amazing company training leaders all across the world. Becky's direct sales biz began to skyrocket and she quickly abandoned the 9-5 desk job. She's a builder, loves coaching and training her team to success, is easily excited about #allthethings and has endless ideas.
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