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How to Be Successful with a Small Social Media Following

How to Welcome New Followers

First Impressions Count

Join Maisha Dible’s LevelUP course on How to Be Successful with a Small Social Media Following. She takes you through her top tips on how to create a meaningful relationship with your followers and show them that you care.


  • Why Quality truly is more important than Quantity
  • How to be Authentic
  • The extra steps that really show you care

Hi, my name is Maisha Dible, and I have been in the social selling network for over 10 years today with LevelUP, we are going to get you armed with the tools and language you need to grow your business, even if you have a small social media following. Are you ready? Let’s go.

First, it’s important to connect to your audience authentically. Whenever I get a new follower, I love to send a simple message and make it personal. It can sound something like this.
‘Thank you. [Insert their name] so much for following. I’m so glad you’re here.’

You see, in my opinion, a simple thank you can go a long way. The more you connect and pay attention to your network, the more they will see your content and be there for you. Remember, if you take the time to welcome new followers, especially when they have the opportunity to follow millions of other people, it will pay off for you. There’s a reason why it’s called social media. It is the time and place for you to be social and not hide when growing your business.

Maisha Dible

#1 African American Earner, Maisha Dible is a network marketing specialist. Coaching global entrepreneurs, leading an incredible team and reaching the top of her company, Maisha achieved it all with a relatively small social media following. Learn from Maisha why QUALITY really is better than QUANTITY.
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