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How to Use Attraction Marketing for Direct Sales

What is Attraction Marketing?

Do you know what Attraction Marketing really is?

Join Jade’s course as she gives you the low down on Attraction Marketing in her LevelUP course.


  • What Attraction Marketing really is
  • How to do it
  • How it can generate leads and sales

Hi, my name is Jade Hooper. And I’ve been in network marketing for over eight years, and I’m so excited to welcome you to my LevelUP course.

Today we’re going to be talking about using attraction marketing. Attraction marketing to build your business through social media, which is exactly how I have built my business for over the last eight years very successfully. So buckle up. We’re going to talk about being consistent, being authentic, things that you can post and do and say about your life to attract people in and to connect with people. And I know that this is going to absolutely change your business. So let’s go.

OK, so first, I want to talk about what is attraction marketing? Now, I think what most people think when they hear this is a way that they can just put themselves out there and hopefully cross their fingers and bring people in so they don’t have to put themselves out there. And I want to set you up to know that that’s not it.

When you’re doing direct sales, network marketing, you’re always going to be doing something that could feel like you’re out of your comfort zone. OK? And so I want to encourage you to know that I’m going to give you some amazing steps today that’s going to help you so much. But just to know that there is no shortcut to success and that will involve showing truly who you are. And to me, that’s what attraction marketing is. It’s all about how you make other people feel.

So when someone sees that I’m a mom, they’re like, oh, I’m a mom, too. When someone sees that I have animals and I talk about it, oh, I have animals, too. It’s this incredible connection that just brings people together. So that way they can feel like they know, like and trust you, which is so unbelievably important when it comes to building your business through social media, online and through attraction marketing.

What I want you to know is that really diving into the things that are important to you through these next steps and allowing yourself to be able to connect with other people is going to be the greatest gift that you possibly can have. It truly is going to be that magic sauce that sets you apart from other people. So I like to do this exercise called prisming myself.

So I could just sit here and be like, I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I have dogs. But that’s just surface level that obviously a lot of people would be able to relate to. But what are the deeper levels to that? So where have I been? What have I gone through? What are struggles that I have had? When you kind of prism yourself and you can go in this multifaceted way where you’re able to really connect with people through the Ups and the Downs through the struggle, through the ins and outs of your life that’s going to create that incredible, know, like and trust aspect to your life, to your posting, to the things that you’re doing to where, when people see you, they think, oh, that’s my girl, that’s my girl, Jade. That’s this person that I connect to, and I feel so good and confident to be able to sit here and really spend time learning from them or watching them be authentic.

So that right there is attraction marketing. I hope you guys are so excited to dive more into this. Let’s go.

Jade Hooper

An Attraction Marketing specialist who's grown her Network Marketing business on social media for almost 10 years, Jade is the go-to Confidence Queen. Inspiring people to follow their dreams and giving them the tools to do it, Jade is passionate about redefining the image of success. "My goal is to inspire your confidence to GROW!!!! xo Jade Hooper"
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