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How to Use Attraction Marketing for Direct Sales

Why Consistency is Key and How to Achieve it

Attraction Marketing + Consistency = Success

In Jade’s fourth LevelUP lesson she gets real about the importance of consistency for Attraction Marketing and seeing growth and connection.


  • How to show up for yourself in advance
  • Create a sustainable plan for success
  • The value of consistency

Alright, so next up, we’re going to talk about consistency. I think that consistency, especially with attraction marketing, with building your business through social media is just people do not understand how absolutely imperative this is. Ok?

If you can set yourself up to where you can be consistent every single day, I call this 70 miles an hour instead of going 1,000 miles an hour to where you’re going to just completely burn out and again, like stop and then start again.

And instead of just being too scared to do anything… you just don’t do anything at all. I want to see this consistent growth. 2% growth might feel like not very much. It might feel like this. But in 90 days from now, it’s going to be up here. Something that you can do consistently over time. So when you’re looking at your content buckets and you’re looking at who you are, obviously when you’re building your business through social media, there’s going to be more and more people who are going to be coming to you.

There’s always someone new who is going to be meeting you today. You’re always going to be connecting with another ‘you’ of the world. And if they don’t, they don’t see anything today, how do they know what you’re about, right? So for me, if I’m adding new people on Saturday and Sunday and my Facebook or my Instagram is growing, my TikToks growing and I’m not really posting anything, there’s nothing that’s really showing up in my newsfeed or in my algorithm.

People have no idea of who I am. I’m completely missing this opportunity and this chance to hone in and grab them.

Things that have helped me be wildly consistent with my business is prepping my posts. I have my content buckets. I know what I want to talk about. I know who I am. I know the people that I’m speaking to. You can do the notes in your phone and just label it. So let’s say it was January, so you could do January 1st through the 31st, and you could just number them right? You can take a calendar, you can use websites like Airtable or use Google forms, whatever it is that you want to use, that’s going to work for you.

And I like to literally go in and type out my post, and I love to do it for a month in advance. Imagine that it’s December 15 and you are prepping your content (very technical term). You are prepping your content for all of January today. How are you going to feel on January 1st? What’s going to be happening on January 8th? Do the kids go back to school? How will you feel on that day? I already am able to post because I showed up for myself so far in advance that I’m able to still post, still connect, still connect with people. Remember, attraction marketing is connection with people. Setting things up, pre-showing up for yourself before ‘just now in the moment’ is going to allow you to be consistent.

And remember, you plant a seed, you stick it in the ground. It takes time for it to grow. Everything takes time, so consistency over time is going to give you that growth that you’re looking for in your business for long-term success, and it comes from long-term consistency.

Jade Hooper

An Attraction Marketing specialist who's grown her Network Marketing business on social media for almost 10 years, Jade is the go-to Confidence Queen. Inspiring people to follow their dreams and giving them the tools to do it, Jade is passionate about redefining the image of success. "My goal is to inspire your confidence to GROW!!!! xo Jade Hooper"
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