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How to Use Attraction Marketing for Direct Sales

Don’t miss out on potential sales – Followup!

Things take time…

Congratulations, if you’re reading this, you’re one step closer to being an Attraction Marketing expert like Jade. But, like all great things, Attraction Marketing takes time. That’s why following up is so important. Don’t miss out on the last lesson!


  • Why following up isn’t a one time activity
  • How to follow up

Alright, and last but not least, I think the biggest tip that I could ever give you when it comes to attraction marketing and just building your business on social media is how the Fortune is in the follow up.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re building a business face to face or you’re doing it through social media. Things just take time. That’s why I talk about consistency. That’s why I talk about authenticity and building connections with people. Because truly, what you’re doing with your business, whether with your products, with your opportunity, making money, changing your life, that has to do with you. But when other people are watching it, it has to do with them.

Everybody is kind of on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being they have no belief in themselves and a ten. They have like absolute belief in themselves, in their abilities and what they can do. And I call I call it a believer meter. That’s really cheesy, but that’s what I call it, right? And so there are so many people in this world. Everybody’s going to kind of file in at different places on this believer meter.

And so when you meet Susie for the first time, she’s watching me. Maybe her self confidence is at like a three. And through watching me and who I am and what’s going on, she’s through me growing the belief in herself. So maybe we talk about one of my products and she’s just not ready. My job is to make sure that I am here for when she is ready. I am here for when she’s ready to order. I am here for when she’s ready to join my team.

I love giving this incredible tip. When you’re following up with someone, let’s say you talk to someone about your products… Follow up with them two or three times on the date that they tell you that they’re supposed to order or whatever designated day that you’re going to be following up with them. Follow up with them the first two or three times with that one specific thing. But from that moment to avoid, you know, the are you ready to order yet? Hey, you ready to order? Did you want to get that you?

You can only do that for so long before you’re going to start to feel uncomfortable, right? So what do we do? We flip the script, bring up something else completely random. But just so that way, you can stay in their back pocket and just keep popping up. Think of your favorite stores, right, that you went to their website at one point and you put in your email for a coupon. Well, they collected your information and they know that you’re interested in their store in general.

What do they do? They send you emails almost every single day, some of them twice a day or three times a day, or at least once a week. Well, if they’re following you, you know that they’re going to be like you. So share with them the things that you like. If you talked about the business opportunity, start bringing up a couple of products like, hey, I don’t know if you thought about this, but this is available. I have this sale, I have this deal. Are you interested? And then maybe the next week bring up something else. I love to just maintain conversation. I’d love to maintain contact because I understand they’ve always said it, and I believe it to be true in network marketing and direct sales, the fortune’s in the follow up. And it takes the average person 7 to 21 times of being followed up with before they’re ready before their belief gets there.

But if you don’t stay around for whatever length of time it is that they’re going to be ready, they’re going to do it with someone else. I’m going to tell you what, that does not feel good. Stay around. Stay in place. Professional direct Sellers, professional network marketers. Always, always, always follow up.

All right, you guys. That is it. Again, I am Jade Hooper, and I’m just so grateful that you hung out with me today during my LevelUP course on attraction marketing, consistency, building your business through social media. I hope that these tips help you grow and just remember it takes time. So if you feel like you need clarity on anything, go back and rewatch.

Sometimes you need to hear something for a second or third time for it to click. And then what I recommend that you do is start to do it, start to plan out your plan of action, do it, see what’s working, see what’s not. Come back and watch this again. And I promise you that you are going to pick up something else that I’ve said that’s going to allow you to apply it to the new skills that are growing. And as always, believe in yourself because your belief in yourself is the most important belief that you could possibly have over anything else. Thank you guys so much.

Jade Hooper

An Attraction Marketing specialist who's grown her Network Marketing business on social media for almost 10 years, Jade is the go-to Confidence Queen. Inspiring people to follow their dreams and giving them the tools to do it, Jade is passionate about redefining the image of success. "My goal is to inspire your confidence to GROW!!!! xo Jade Hooper"
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