Putting social media tips into practice while running her business from home.

Creating a social media channel is fun, frustrating, thought-provoking, time-consuming, inspirational, motivational, beautiful, etc. The list goes on and on. How is social media seemingly so easy yet so difficult at the same time? If you’re looking to protect your time and ensure that the effort you’re putting into your social media strategy for network marketing correlates with business growth, read on. We’re sharing Alicia Maclaren, Social Media Manager at Penny's, top tips on how to build a social media presence that converts by focusing on creating a strong personal brand that will help you generate revenue. 

Check out these top tips and see if they give you some ideas for your social media strategy! 

Be authentic

“People want to follow you to learn more about you! Being authentic is difficult on the internet. There is a lot of pressure to follow the latest trends and lots of people fall into the trap of comparing themselves to what everyone around them is doing. It’s good to find inspiration from others but stay true to yourself. Think about what you like seeing on social media and share similar insights into your life and your business. Being authentic is a bit of a buzzword so make sure that what you’re doing is actually authentic and not fake authenticity for the sake of fitting in.”

Here’s how: 

  • Share your personal journey, both good and bad days, share ideas and opinions you feel strongly about. 
  • Invite people to join in the conversation with questions and take the time to respond and share your opinions in return.
  • Engage meaningfully with your followers by messaging them personally. People like to feel special, noticed and recognized.  

Christie Nix

“Definitely, and that’s why I feel I have a duty now to use my platform to empower women because I do believe that with prosperous, empowered women the world is and will continue to be a better place.”
– Christie Nix, Isagenix Leader, on how she became an influencer through her business

Read Christie Nix’s Story and visit her Instagram for inspiration >

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Decide on your aesthetic and stick to it

“With so many people on social media doing amazing things it can be tempting to second guess what you’re doing, drop it and follow the latest trend. If you’re constantly trying to follow other people then you aren’t giving your account time to settle into its own rhythm. If after a couple of months (or weeks depending on how often you’re posting) your aesthetic isn’t working for you, then you can have a brainstorm and mix it up. By keeping to the same aesthetic your followers will instantly recognize your posts as they scroll.”

Here’s how: 

  • Choose a colour scheme or filter. With the Tezza App you can add filters, text, and fully edit your images through the app. Download it on your phone now
  • Take additional photos, not just what you are going to use in today’s post, but try to create some collections for the future.
  • Create graphics that follow a similar style or pattern using a design tool like Canva.

For ideas on what to post on social media as part of your strategy check out 30 social prompts for Network Marketers starting their Instagram account.

Create genuine relationships

“Don’t just talk about yourself! Interact with your followers, ask questions, respond to their posts and stories. Message them personally when they do something you like. Creating a genuine relationship with someone is going to make them more invested in you and your journey. They say people buy people so you need to get out there and get to know your audience. There’s a saying in social media ‘Post and ghost’ — don’t be the person who posts and then disappears if people are engaging with your account continue the conversation with them.”

Here’s how:

  • Respond thoughtfully with genuine care - look into a profile of someone you’re talking to, note their previous posts, compliment their photos
  • Reference previous posts — builds on doing the initial research to learn more about the person as well as keeping track of previous conversations.
  • Congratulate someone when they achieve a milestone or have an important life event as well as showing support if they suffer a setback.

Schedule it all in

“Social media can be A LOT. Sometimes it feels like it is taking over your life. The algorithm of success means that the more you post the more results you see. But, posting all the time can feel neverending. So, my top tip is to take some time, make a plan and schedule it all in ahead of time! Then all you need to do is engage for a couple of minutes a day.”

Here’s How:

  • Use a social media scheduling tool like Later, Buffer or Hootsuite! (Later and Buffer both have a free version!) 
  • Set aside time each month or week to bulk plan and create content.
  • By batch scheduling, it is easier to focus on the overarching social media strategy. Is it to gain new followers, interact with new customers, connect with existing customers, build your personal brand to grow your team?

Jj With Football

“I set this example for my team, I’m going to the top so I set the pace for everyone else. I am running fast, but if you want to run faster, I’ll be right there with you.”
– JJ Birden, Isagenix Leader, on how he motivates his team

Read JJ’s Story and visit his Instagram for motivation >

Don’t just scroll, engage!

“When you open up Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest — don’t just be there to scroll, be active. By scheduling time to interact you’re maximizing your time on social media. Lots of people say they don’t have time to build meaningful relationships on social media but if every time you went on social media to scroll you made an effort to interact with at least 5 accounts you’d be surprised at how quickly relationships grow.”

Here’s How:

  • Set aside time to engage every week. Think of it as investing in your relationships. It’s like a bank account, you need money in your account before you can make a withdrawal. Engagement builds your relationship capital.
  • Set a target number of accounts a day to interact. Connecting with your network a few people at a time is much easier when done in small steps. 3-5 reach outs done consistently add up to an actively engaged network. 
Laptop And Latte

Keep notes in Penny 

“One of the best things about Penny is that you can leave notes on customers/prospects contact cards and you can visit their social media directly through the Penny app. If there’s someone you’re actively prospecting I recommend having Penny put them on your Daily every day (or every other day!) to remind you to check their social so you can react to a story, comment on a post or send them a DM about their latest post.”

Here’s how:

  • Let Penny suggest who you should reach out to based on who is most likely to engage.
  • Make reminders in Penny about life events people mention on their social channels so you know to follow up later.
  • Save content directly in Penny to share with customers on social media and monitor who clicks on your video links or views the content you shared. (Remember, it’s a good idea to follow up once they checked out your links to see if there are any questions.)

Follow @getpennyapp on Instagram to find a community of network marketers all using social media to build their business. 


  • Be Authentic
  • Decide on your aesthetic and stick to it
  • Create genuine relationships
  • Schedule it all in
  • Don’t just scroll, engage!
  • Keep notes in Penny 
Penny Encouragement
You are smashing it! Remember, no one said you can't move the goal post for success! Celebrate each small win 🎉
- Penny

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