Social Prompts for Network Marketers

You’ve created your social media accounts, set up your profile, started writing up some posts and everything's going well until you realize that now you need to keep going, finding something to share several times a week. If you’re hitting a brick wall brainstorming your next month of content or you’re just starting out and want some inspiration on what to post… you’re in the right place!

We’ve put together 30 social prompts to get your imagination and ideas going on what to share about your network marketing journey on Instagram. 

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  1. Introduce yourself - 5 fun facts. (This is a good post to repeat from time to time, as you’re getting new followers that might not know as much about you.)
  2. A recent accomplishment - Humblebrag - starting your business, helping someone, growing your team. Or something as small as crushing a workout or going for a walk and coming up with a next post idea. A great exercise in gratefulness too!
  3. Role Model - Someone who inspires you. Those types of posts mean a lot to people if it’s someone in your network, and provides great inspiration to your followers. 
  4. Share your workspace - The couch, on the move or your kitchen table
  5. Introduce your business - 5 fun facts. (Another one that can be repeated every few months as you get new followers and as your business evolves)
  6. Hobby - What do you do in your spare time
  7. Bucket List - 5 life goals personal or professional
  8. Favourite piece of advice - Something that inspires you - how you apply it to your work or daily life 
  9. Product testimonial - Your own or someone else's - these are gold, whenever you get the feedback from your customers, ask if you can share it
  10. Shoutout - Time to post about someone in your team, or a mentor/supporter or someone smashing their goals

    “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou

  11. Why you started - Origin story of your business
  12. Advice to young you - What do you wish you’d known 5 years ago
  13. Product example - Show off you using the product
  14. Nature - A picture of a place that makes you happy 
  15. Network Marketing advice - To someone else starting their business
  16. Behind the scenes - Sharing an inside detail of your life
  17. New habit or skill - Talk about a new habit or skill you’re learning or incorporating and why
  18. Join the team - Mention opportunity to join your team with an easy way for people to reach out to you
  19. Self-care - What do you do to look after yourself - exercise, meditation, reading, cooking, having a bath
  20. Resource - Share a resource that helps you in your daily life - for example, Penny!

    "Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them." - Madam C.J Walker

  21. Thoughts - Share something that’s on your mind
  22. Favourite thing - What do you love about your job
  23. Promotion - Shout out about a product deal or promotion
  24. Month review - Share what you’ve achieved this month OR not achieved this month
  25. Answer a question - Is there something people always ask you? Post about it and the answer
  26. Thank you - Thank all the people who have supported you customers, friends, family, supporters
  27. Business Tips - A tip about running a business
  28. Uniform - What are you wearing when you’re running your business. Leggings, pyjamas, a suit?
  29. Organization - How do you keep organized when running your business. 
  30. Values - Why do you run your business, what are you passionate about

For more tips on how to use Instagram to promote your business check out How to Authentically Share your Story. There’s a whole section on Creating your Personal Brand Identity to help you decide what to post on Instagram that’s going to connect with your followers and position you as an expert in your industry. 

When you’re posting on Instagram it’s a careful balance of delighting the user, giving value but also being genuine. We know you’ve got this! Good luck! 

Penny Encouragement
Make every day a BIG day! ☀️
- Penny

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