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How to Use Attraction Marketing for Direct Sales

Where to Place Your Call to Action

How else will you know who is actually interested?

Jade’s fourth LevelUP lesson talks you through the importance of having a Call to Action.


  • Why a Call to Action is important
  • Where to put your Call to Actions
  • How often to include Call to Actions

Alright, next up, we are going to talk about the so so so important call to action. Right, so you know who you are. You know what you’re talking about, now you’re doing it consistently and authentically. But now the next step is making sure that when you’re posting these things, you are asking for people to do something. You’re asking for people to interact, ok?

Why this is so important is because you need to know who you’re speaking to, the people who you connect to, the people who are following you, you’re following them, the people that you’re building a relationship with. You want to keep your eye on them. You want to note them.

Here are some very, very simple tips for call to actions. All right. So with social media, we have really two different realms of call to actions that you can have. First, we have our stories, we have Facebook and Instagram stories as of right now. And then there’s posting. You’ve got things like short videos like TikToks, reels, Facebook’s getting reels as well.

So in your stories, there are so many different buttons and little swipeys and polls and all sorts of different multiple question answer things that you can do in your stories. To me, your stories is going to be this space where people get to see the behind the scenes, they get to see the nitty gritty, they get to see the mess, the crazy, the beautiful, the travel, the moving, this and that. And so you really can do all of your ‘advertising’ and your business building through so much visual connection. And you will know who’s interested by putting up a poll.

So if I’m using one of my products per se or I’m talking about how my business has allowed me to x,y & z, I can put a little poll right there and put, “I’m interested in more info as to options people” I can say, go ahead and vote on this poll if you want more information. And honestly, sometimes I don’t even have to say that people just like, get the picture, you know, like people who are watching, they get the picture that there’s these two options, so they’ll vote.

When I go in my stories, I swipe up on my insights. I can see who all these people are, and I can go ahead and reach out to them and give them the information that they’re looking for and have a conversation. OK, so you can do that in your stories. There’s question bars. You’ve got to just do a little bit of research and just kind of start messing around with stuff and observe other people to see the fun and creative ways that they utilize that.

So now when it comes to things that are going to be going up on your page like short videos, longer videos, maybe lives and your stories, you are going to have to tell people to do specific things, give them specific instructions. So if you’re live, you can say comment ‘Hello’ below. What time is it for you? What’s the weather? What are you doing today? How are things hitting? Drop a 1, drop a 5. Drop your favorite emoji. You can give them ways to interact and respond to the things that you’re talking to.

That is how attraction marketing is created. And now you’re growing the relationships with people you’ve never even talked to yet. So make sure that you’re using a call to action almost every single time. And instructing people on what to do next. Regardless of whether or not it is a post or a live, or a story that has to do with your business or not, always, always keep those interactions coming.

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An Attraction Marketing specialist who's grown her Network Marketing business on social media for almost 10 years, Jade is the go-to Confidence Queen. Inspiring people to follow their dreams and giving them the tools to do it, Jade is passionate about redefining the image of success. "My goal is to inspire your confidence to GROW!!!! xo Jade Hooper"
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