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How to Be Successful with a Small Social Media Following

How to use Hashtags to Promote your Business

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Hashtags? How do they work? How do I know which ones to use? Join Maisha’s fourth LevelUP course as she talks you through her hashtag strategy.


  • What hashtags to use
  • How many hashtags to use
  • How to decide on your own hashtags

It’s time to tune up our skills. As you are growing, one element that has helped me continue to grow is using hashtags.

Now, don’t think hashtags are a thing of the past. They are not. In fact, I encourage you to fine tune your hashtag knowledge. Now there is no rule stated on how many is too many? Some say 7 to eight specific hashtags, and some swear by using all 30 allowed is the way to go.

My advice is to not get overwhelmed with hashtags and instead look at them like a free billboard for, let’s say, your bakery. Using hashtag bakery on your shop is not going to get you the new customers you’re looking for. There’s just too many people using that hashtag. Think of it like a bulletin board where people stick their business cards onto them. With too many, your business card is going to get lost, but if you use something specific like hashtag, family owned bakery or hashtag from the heart bakery, those bulletin boards are going to be less crowded.

I also like to save some of my favourite hashtags in my notes section on my phone for easy access. But remember to always change them up and stay specific to what you’re actually posting about.

Maisha Dible

#1 African American Earner, Maisha Dible is a network marketing specialist. Coaching global entrepreneurs, leading an incredible team and reaching the top of her company, Maisha achieved it all with a relatively small social media following. Learn from Maisha why QUALITY really is better than QUANTITY.
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