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Pain Point: You don’t have your entire team adopted on to Penny 

Pain Reliever: Continual engagement and nurturing 

Believe it or not, the first 90 days of getting your team on Penny is only Phase 1. Adoption goes beyond the initial introduction phase of Penny, and should be maintained at all times. As time goes on, the cadence will decrease, but understand that it can take up to a year to bring your whole team on Penny.

Similar to building your business, things take time, however, consistency and momentum is key! Here are some tips after the initial launch of Penny to continue to encourage adoption on your team:

Monitor Adoption

  • Use the team care feature to track how many of your team members have signed up for Penny, and how their business is growing

Continuous Training

  • Continue to keep your team involved by asking them where they may need support on training for features in Penny

Solve Problems

  • Beyond the technical features, continue to ask your team where they need support in their business and link it back to Penny to help solve - i.e. “I just can’t seem to find any new customers” - direct them back to importing social and mobile contacts into Penny to get the smart prospecting feature to work

Celebrate New Features

  • Penny is always growing its feature set, so when a new feature is released, have a meeting to review the new feature and make sure everyone understands the value of the new feature and how to use it

Recognize Top Users

  • Continue to celebrate and recognize your top users and leverage positive momentum to continue to push the needle forward

Consistency is key when rolling out Penny, and your goal as a team leader is to help your team see the value in using Penny for their business, and help them embrace the inevitable change that comes with adopting new technology. We ask you to always reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need support or have any questions on getting your team on Penny. 

Good luck! And most importantly, have a BIG day!

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