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Pain Point: Users don’t see the value or potential in using Penny for their business

Pain Reliever: Educate team members on how Penny can make their lives easier by saving them time & helping them focus on revenue-driving activities in their business

More often than not, team members may not understand why they should be using Penny as a tool in their business. A few of the most common reasons are:

  • They don’t understand how to use Penny effectively in their existing business processes
  • They are unclear on their own business goals - both short term and long term, and how to define them
  • There was no properly articulated WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) in the initial roll out of Penny 
  • They don’t understand how to use Penny from a technical standpoint

If you are experiencing some of these same challenges and push back from your team members, worry not! These are extremely common and we’ve developed a strategy to help you overcome them.

1. Reiterate the Strategic Vision Behind Rolling out Penny. 

Every decision you make in your business should stem from the WHY of your business. When introducing Penny to your team, be sure to start with the WHY. 


[COMPANY NAME] chose Penny because it’s the best tool for network marketers to build a successful business. It was created because the wife’s founder worked in network marketing and she couldn’t find a tool that actually worked for our industry. She says that now with Penny what used to take her eight hours, she can now do in about twenty minutes. Penny takes the guesswork out of what you need to do to grow your business, so when you sit down to work you know exactly what you need to do, giving you back your time freedom to focus on what’s most important for you. 

2. Recommend Underutilized Features in Penny

For people on your team who have downloaded Penny but aren’t active, evaluate how they’re using Penny and recommend different ways they can use Penny. (One of the best things about Penny is that distributors can structure their Penny usage to how they like to run their business) 

  • Try having a 1:1 and ask them to show you how they use Penny, and offer suggestions and recommendations for how they can use it better, or other features they may not be leveraging
  • If you don’t have the bandwidth to do this, we encourage your team members to sign up for a live Penny training session with distributors from your company, led by one of the amazing customer support members at Penny. You will be provided with a link to register for trainings when you sign up for Penny.

3. Make it Relatable and Relevant

Not everyone has the same challenges in their business. Understand where your team members are struggling most, and suggest the most relevant Penny feature.

Pain Relievers

Tailor your Penny tips to cater to the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.

Struggles with product sales

Selling to existing customers is 10x easier than finding new ones! Walk through Penny's customer care cycle to highlight how each type of task moves existing customers through the sales funnel.

Struggles with their messaging

Show them how to save and share content to their content library. Share some of your favourite scripts and walk them through how to customize the scripts before sending.

Struggles knowing what to do next

Explain how the Daily section works. Show them how to adjust the levels from Easy does It to Freight Train.

Struggles to keep track of prospects

Take them through Penny's Prospecting section looking at labelling prospects to generate tasks.

If you don’t have the time you can also send them to the Pennyverse. Under Penny Expertise there are inspirational videos on how to use Penny. The videos are not branded so the app will look slightly different but most of the functionality is the same. 

4. Host a Team Training or Join Penny Bootcamp 

Sometimes your team members may just need some more technical training on Penny. Luckily, we have some of the best product trainers in the industry and we have a consistent schedule of live trainings for your team to take advantage of:

Penny Bootcamp

  • Penny Bootcamp is hosted by a customer support team member at Penny and each session covers a different feature of Penny to ensure that your team members can narrow in and master one feature at a time instead of being overwhelmed. The training schedule should be provided to you by your corporate sponsor. 

Penny Team Trainings

  • Custom live trainings developed for teams with 50 direct sales consultants or more. If you have 50 or more team members and you would like to set up a training, click here and reserve a time that works best for you. 

Leverage the Help and Learning Center

  • Inside Penny, you have access to an array of articles and best practices on how to use Penny. Click here to access the Penny Help and learning center.

Penny Help & Learning Channel

  • Do you learn better by watching rather than reading an article? Not to worry, we’ve got playlists of How-to’s up on our Penny Help and Learning Channel. Click here to access it. 

Penny’s Customer Support Team

  • Do you have a one off question? Login to Penny and click on the Penny head located in the bottom right hand corner to talk to someone on the Penny customer support team in real time. 

5. Highlight Successes With Your Team 

Sharing quick wins is a great way to increase adoption of Penny on your team. (It helps create a sense of FOMO!) Check in with some of your power users and grab a testimonial to share in your Facebook or What’s App group. Showcase both quantitative and qualitative wins.

Quantitative Example: 

Shout out to Lauren! Since using Penny, she has 3x her sales in just 6 weeks and increased 2 ranks in the past 8 weeks. Absolutely amazing Lauren!

Qualitative Example:

This is so incredible that I just had to share! Alex started using Penny 8 weeks ago and he just told me that Penny has saved him so much time working on his business that he now has time to watch his daughter’s soccer practices each week without having to be on his phone doing work. This is what Penny is all about – regaining your time freedom. Way to go Alex!

6. Make it Simple

Penny has an array of features to make running and growing a direct sales business so much easier. However, introducing all of the features at once can be a bit overwhelming. Instead, try highlighting features in phases, starting with the most important. Here are the phases and features we recommend in chronological order to roll out:

  1. The Daily: An overview of the types of tasks in Penny
  2. Customer Care Cycle: An overview of follow ups, autoships, and other customer service tasks
  3. How to add a contact manually
  4. How to create and complete tasks
  5. How to create and share content
  6. How to import social media contacts
  7. How to create a custom list 

7. Highlight “What’s In It For Me” (WIIFM)

This is arguably the most important part of rolling out Penny to your team. In order to be motivated to sign up and learn how to use Penny, your team needs to understand how this is beneficial for them. Here are some examples of WIIFM that you can share with your team:

  • Penny ensures you reach out to the right people at the right time
  • Penny helps you delight more customers with less hustle
  • Save time by building your customer-ready library of scripts and product information
  • Increase loyalty and referrals
  • Run your business with confidence
  • Get actionable, real-time insights into your business
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