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Pain Point: People are naturally resistant/resistant to change or innovation

Pain Reliever: Show users how to leverage Penny as a benefit to THEIR business

Sensing some resistance from your team? Well, not to worry. Resistance is completely normal, and actually an expected part of any rollout process. Here are a few of the most common reasons for resistance and some tips on how to decrease the risk of resistance on your team and alleviate any concerns.

Inadequate training or communications

  • Leverage all of the Penny training resources listed in Step 1. It is integral that you over communicate the features and benefits of Penny from day 1, and ensure that every team member has access to the training materials they learn best from. (Penny offers training material: written articles, recorded how to videos, live video training format, 1:1 real time chat)
  • Not involved or engaged in the decision process for the new CRM 
    • Although your company has ultimately decided that Penny is the right tool for your business, that doesn’t mean that you can’t engage your team early on! Ask them what their biggest challenges or pain points in their business are before you introduce Penny. Summarize those challenges and connect Penny features as a solution to their pain points. Here’s an example:
      • Pain Point: Don’t know what to say
        • Pain Reliever: The Penny content library helps you create, save and share high performing scripts to help you take the guesswork out of what to say
      • Pain Point: I don’t know who to talk to
        • Pain Reliever: The Customer Care Cycle helps identify who you need to be talking to, what you need to be talking to them about, and when you need to reach out. 
      • Pain Point: I don’t know anyone to sell to
        • Pain Reliever: Connecting your social media accounts to Penny activates Penny’s smart prospecting feature. Penny will then recommend people to reach out to and you can tag prospects based on their appetite triggering a series of tasks that Penny will suggest to you at relevant intervals. 
  • Lack of Leadership or Internal Advocates
    • I’m sure you’ve heard the term “be the change you want to see” before. Well, this applies to Penny adoption as well! It is important to lead by example and be completely active on Penny when driving adoption on your team. People are influenced by the actions that their leaders take and if you’re not actively using Penny, they likely won’t adopt it either. 
Penny Encouragement
Make every day a BIG day! ☀️
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