Bouquet Of Flowers

Pain Point: Waiting for someone else to have success with Penny before putting in the effort of setting up Penny for themselves

Pain Reliever: Reward early adopters for their successful usage of Penny

The beginning of any new technology rollout is always one of the most difficult. This is where you need to leverage positive reinforcement to get the ball rolling. 

Provide rewards to team members to reinforce their adoption onto Penny

  • A small gift card or treat can go a long way! Reinforce your team members who have set up their accounts and started completing tasks on Penny by sending them a giftcard to their favourite restaurant or using a meal delivery service provider to surprise them with a treat!
  • Up the ante and share it with the whole team! Use a bigger reward such as a $250 Amazon gift card to the first user to complete 100 tasks in Penny.

Incorporate Competition

  • This is a fun option to encourage your team to increase their activity on Penny and engage in some friendly competition.
  • Using the Team Care feature in Penny, reward your team members who have been consistently surpassing their business goals week over week.

Public Recognition

  • Provide public recognition in your team meetings, power hours, and in your group chats by acknowledging their hard work. Generally, people are motivated by praise and acknowledgement.
Penny Encouragement
Just wanted to say, You Are Amazing! Don't let anyone make you think otherwise ⭐️
- Penny

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