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Pain Point: You can’t do everything and train everyone yourself

Pain Reliever: Enlist the help of early adopters on your team as internal champions

As a team leader you know that delegating is one of the keys to success for running a big team. Identify your team members who are already using Penny to great success and set them up as team Penny Champions. 

Here are some of the characteristics to consider when finding your champions:

  • Has an overall positive attitude towards innovation, change and of course, Penny
  • Is influential and has the trust of your other team members
  • They’ve been supportive of the Penny rollout process and an early adopter
  • They ask for feedback on how they can use Penny more effectively
  • They are eager to use Penny and come up with creative ways to integrate Penny into their business. 

You might find that you have some natural Penny Champions on your team already. Reach out to them and tap into their enthusiasm. Ask if they would like to lead a session sharing with your team how they use Penny.

Penny Encouragement
Today is your day! We're rooting for you 🌱
- Penny

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