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You’ve got this! 

Whether you’re looking to join your first ever social selling company or you want to learn a little more about the industry – this is the place to be! Here is your complete guide to Social Selling in 2022.

First we want to say, Welcome to Penny! ⭐️

At Penny it’s our mission to revolutionize social selling, primarily through the Penny app but also through education and celebration of how to run a social selling business. 

In this guide we’ve brought together some of our top resources that breakdown social selling for a complete beginner. 

Beginners Guide to Social Selling

1. What is Social Selling? Network Marketing? Direct Sales?

2. How to Choose a Social Selling Company

3. Social Selling Glossary 

4. What do Social Sellers do?

⭐️ Routes to Success - Finding Customers

⭐️ Routes to Success - Building a Team

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Right, let’s do this! 💜

1. What is Social Selling? Network Marketing?

Before we get started, it’s important to know what is Social Selling. The industry has a lot of stigma attached to it because of companies masquerading as real opportunities when they’re actually pyramid schemes. 

Take the time to understand what makes a real Social Selling company so you can protect yourself and go into your new business with as much knowledge as possible.

(Psst Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Social Selling - they’re all the same thing! 🤫 Some might argue there are slight differences but that’s more in how you choose to run your business, not the actual business model)

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Learn all about the Social Selling business model and how it could work for you.

What is Social Selling?
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2. How to Choose a Social Selling Company

Right, up next, let’s look at choosing the right Social Selling Company for you. 😊

Lots of people end up joining a social sales business because they’re approached by someone. But before you jump in make sure you’ve asked yourself these questions to make sure you’re joining a company and team that is going to support your goals. 

This course is led by JJ Birden. He chose his Social Selling company after creating a detailed list of requirements. He shares the questions you need to answer before you dive into starting a business. 

Take JJ Birden’s LevelUP course now so to learn how to choose the right social selling company for you.

Choose the right Company for YOU

3. Social Selling Glossary 

Like any industry, Social Selling has its own set of phrases and terminology and it varies at every company. You don't need to know everything at the beginning but it's handy to start learning some of the words and phrases people at your company will be using on a daily basis.

Save this handy Social Selling Glossary as a reference!

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Here’s an A-Z guide of common words and phrases.

Learn the Buzzwords
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4. What do Social Sellers do?

Not sure where to get started? We’ve created this handy checklist to help you plan your activity for each day, week, month and year. 

Download your FREE Social Selling checklist now.

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Here’s a handy checklist to track what activities you should be doing daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Download your FREE Checklist
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Routes to Success - Finding Customers

A great way to start social selling is to start building a customer base. This involves:

  • Prospecting for Customers
  • Building a Customer Care Cycle
  • Delivering an Incredible Customer Experience 
Article 1

Here’s our Ultimate Guide to Prospecting to get you started.

Top Customer Finding Strategies
Article 1

Routes to Success - Building a Team

Another route Social Sellers take is to build a team of sales reps who are interested in the business opportunity. This involves:

  • Prospecting for team mates
  • Training new team members
  • Ongoing support as they run their business
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Here’s our 11 Step Guide to Building a Dream Social Selling Team.

Top Team Building Strategies
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Looking for more inspiration? 

Check out some of our Penny Legends to find out how they built their businesses. 

Penny Encouragement
With each new day that comes you are one step closer to achieving your dreams! 🦄
- Penny

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