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How to Use Neuroscience to Create more Ease and Success

Take Control of your Mindset

In Deb Erickson’s fourth lesson learn how neuroscience can help you shift your mindset.

Learn how to:

  • Notice the early signs of behaviours that hinder your progress
  • Move past mental roadblocks
  • Use in-the-moment tools and techniques to banish self-doubt
  • Shift from fear to unstoppable confidence
  • Build an unshakable belief in your ability to build the life and business you’ve dreamed of

Hey, everybody, welcome back, this is lesson four, we’re going to talk today about why neuroscience is the solution you’ve been looking for. I have to tell you, when I started my career in network marketing, I had just come out of teaching, coaching basketball. I realized that, you know, just like you. I was having a hard time paying the bills on my job, my salary, and so I was looking for a side hustle. I was looking for something extra fell into network marketing. I fell in love and I thought, Oh man, this is it. But what I realized really quickly was that the people on my team were suffering. They were stuck. They were frustrated. They were stalled. They were living in doubt and uncertainty. They kept saying, I can’t find anybody. I can’t recruit. Nobody wants our product. And I was blown away. I was like, how is it possible that I’m in the same business they’re in? And I’m having amazing success and they’re really, really struggling, and I realized that it’s nothing more than our mindset. And that’s when I went out looking for a solution. I found network marketing because network marketing explains why we get stuck. It gives us the core resources we need to build neuro tools, right? Practical brain training tools and techniques to get us unstuck, to break the old patterns, the old habits, the old fears, the old doubts, the old pain and move us in bold, confident, limitless energy into the future that the industry actually promises. And so with that, I found neuroscience. I was so excited about it. And let me show you why, right? And so let me show you this slide today that will help you understand exactly why this is so critical. Core beliefs generate thoughts, thoughts inspire emotions, emotions push us into action or away from action, and that gives us the results we have in our business. So here’s the challenge for you and your team members is that people cannot out-earn their core belief. That’s what neuroscience teaches us. So whatever this core belief is here at the top of the cycle, you can’t out-earn that. Whatever it is, that’s it. That’s your ceiling and skillset training and new network marketing systems don’t change your core beliefs. They don’t help. They don’t improve. I know there’s a lot of trainers out there that say, hey, we just build your confidence, give you more skill set. It’ll build your confidence. You’ll be all right. And I’m here to tell you that does work very fairly well for men because men are externally focused more. But women are internally focused and so skills, new skills and new strategies don’t necessarily change things. So if you or your team is experiencing slow, stalled, stuck energy, which is our whole conversation here, right? What that means is you’ve simply maxed out this core belief. That’s all it means, but it is really important for you to accept this fact. This is as far as you go. This is as far as your team goes. You cannot out-earn the core belief unless, and this is where it gets exciting, we rewire your core beliefs by hacking into the neuroplasticity of the brain. We’re going to create brand new neural pathways. So that the brain’s going to accept, even embrace new core beliefs. Let me show you what that looks like, and this is where it really gets fun, right? Watch this little video here, because this is an example of how neurons begin to link together and create neural pathways. And then those neural pathways begin to connect up with each other and they create neural networks, and they begin to connect all around the brain and elevate our core belief. Imagine what would be possible in your business. If your new core belief
was, I am enough, I’m safe, I’m secure, I deserve massive success, and I’m willing to rank advance with ease and speed. What if that was your core defining mindset principle? Well, those new core beliefs create the new thoughts. I can do this. This is easy. And new emotions. I feel bold and unstoppable. I’m confident, I can achieve my goals. And new actions. When you move daily into selling and sponsoring action with ease and grace. And guess what? That’s going to create new results, increased sales, up leveling your recruitment. So you’re recruiting up and then effortless rank advance. So just for a minute, watch the way neural pathways become neural networks and they begin to control your entire brain and then know that it all begins with this core belief. Let’s change your core belief. Right, I want to help you change your core beliefs. So that it drives new thinking, new emotions, new actions and get you the results you’re looking for. You guys got it. So let me ask you this. What I want you to do today. Is I want you to check in. I want you to take deep breaths throughout your day and just ask yourself, are you ready? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to have different thoughts that are driving your life? Are you ready to do what it takes to flip the switch and create new core beliefs? Are you willing? And are you ready to take new actions to feel new feelings, to look at the world differently? See if you are ready, then this is pretty much the way life looks, right? You are going to be looking at life through rose colored glasses, because I’m going to give you the programming that allows this to happen. Now, if you say no, Deb, I’m not ready, then this is the way you’re going to continue through life. You’re going to continue through life looking at doubts and fears and uncertainties and lack and believing that you can’t. But guys, I want you to know it’s a choice today. I can. I can’t. I will. I won’t. I’m ready. I’m not ready. You decide what it is. I want you to breathe deeply and tap your chest and say, I’m ready, I’m willing, I can. and then show up at our next video training. I’m going to walk you through when the most powerful tools I’ve ever created. All right. See you there.

Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson is a Master Neuro Trainer, Creator of the ICAN Neuro System, and founder of The ICAN Institute Inc., a company dedicated to helping direct sales and network marketing entrepreneurs around the world free themselves from the mental and emotional limiters that hold them back from success - shifting them into confident, consistent action, increased income, and scalable business growth.
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