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How to be Inclusive with your Social Selling Strategy

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Lead by example 🦋

In Chris’ fourth lesson, he shares why we need to lead by example with inclusivity in the social selling industry

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to lead the way
  • How to include your pronouns
  • Why pronouns create an inclusive environment

Why not start with sharing your pronouns? 🙂

I’ve identified a handful of things that you can do to be inclusive with your social selling strategy. But you’re only one voice and only one account in this superhighway of social media. Nothing impacts change more than leading by example. And I know your team, your colleagues, your family, your friends, they’re all going to make these changes as well once they see and hear how easy it was for you to do it on your social media platforms or as part of your email signature, start by including your pronouns.

✨Declaring your pronouns helps signal to folks that you’re not going to assume their gender. It’s an important move towards real inclusivity. ✨

It’s really easy to do as well, and it creates a healthier, safe space so everyone can be respected for their whole self.

Did you know that on Instagram you can include your pronouns? It’s a simple setting change and it really only takes a moment. The most common pronouns folks use are:

  • he/him
  • she/her
  • they/them
  • or any combination that suits you

Next time you’re introducing yourself to an individual or to a group of people, try introducing yourself and include your pronouns. If you’re unsure of someone else’s pronouns, it is all right to ask. Try saying:

💬 “Hi, my name is Chris and I use he/him pronouns. What pronouns would you like me to dress you with?”

By not using proper pronouns, we continue to feel that ignorance and that hatred that’s been inflicted on the queer community for generations already.

Chris Kennedy he/him

"I am an active and passionate member of Penny’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity Group and enthusiastically look for fresh and creative ways to further inclusion in all aspects of life."
LevelUp Instructors Chris Kennedy
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