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How to Build a Dream Team of Social Sellers

Consistency is Key

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Consistency. As we all know building a business takes time and dedication. Take Courtney’s lesson to learn how she keeps herself on track for success. ✨


  • Why you should do at least 1 thing for your business every day
  • Why consistency builds trust
  • Why social selling can be a long game

One of the biggest tools that you should add to your skill set tool belt is consistency. It’s key. 🗝

If you show up every single day, even getting 1% better every day, in a year from now, you’re going to be 365% better. So think about it, your mindset is improving every day, you’re recruiting for customers is improving every day, showing up on social media is improving every day and building a team.

If you’re consistently talking to people about this business opportunity, it’s going to build over time. But consistency is key. People are going to be watching you. And like I said before, this is something where they need to build that trust. They need to figure out who you are, what journey you’re going on, and if they want to come along the ride. If you post something, let’s just say in general, you post your dinner or you post an outfit that you just got. People are watching and seeing if they can see themselves in your shoes. Same thing for this business.

Any time you’re talking about the business opportunity, anytime you’re talking about working on social media with this opportunity that you have, people are watching you to see if they can see themselves in your shoes. And if you keep showing up consistently every single day, you’re going to be gaining their trust along the way and eventually they’re going to join your team, whether it’s next week, next month or next year. I had people plenty of times that have told me they’ve watched me for a year before they joined because they were trying to decide if this was definitely for them. So start there, start with your consistency, showing up on social media. And then be building those relationships and keeping your mindset positive along the way. 🌳

Courtney VanAuken

Courtney is an experienced marketing data analyst with a Masters in Business Administration. Her network marketing business skyrocketed when she applied her business skills to social selling. Courtney is here to share her formula for building a social selling dream team.
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