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How to Build a Dream Team of Social Sellers

How to Overcome Recruits Fears and Objections

Because sometimes we all have doubts 🍃

Starting a new business is scary, and no one knows that better than you. Courtney shares her tips on how to use your experience to answer people’s doubts and objections in a reassuring, solution-oriented manner.


  • Answers to common doubts and fears
  • Solution-based responses

So say you’re talking to a prospect, you’re talking to your potential, you’re having an amazing conversation about how this business has been valuable to you and how it’s going to be valuable to them, you get to learn more about them, asking them what their goals are and what their dreams are and tie that back into the business and how this business is going to help them conquer those goals. 🚀

Every single time, honestly, I would say nine times out of 10, it ends up being an objection or a fear that potential is going to present to you. And if you know in advance how to overcome those objections or how to overcome those limiting beliefs, those fears, it’s going to help you help that person make the decision to join your team.

So here are some common ones that can definitely help you. So write these down so you can save them for later.

Objection 1: I don’t have time.

That’s definitely something I said, when I first started this business five years ago. But here’s what you’re going to say if someone presents you with that and you can honestly tell that right away, if they start saying, oh, I’m really busy or I’m this so that I’m in school, I’m a mom. If you know that they’re already thinking about thinking they don’t have time, you can add that into your script. Add that into your call. Add that into your voice message so you already overcome it before they even say it. So say, say things like, I understand that you’re super busy. But if I can show you how to work this business in 30 to 60 minutes a day and fit it in your schedule, would you be open to information? Open to information, guys. That’s one of the key phrases that I use in my business throughout, because if they’re open right, they’re not going to say, no, I’m closed. I’m not. I’m not open to information. Everyone wants to feel like they’re open to information, they’re open to things. So they’re going to say Yes to that.

So into that next one, right?

Objection 2: I don’t have a big network. I don’t have the market to be successful.

If I can show you how to use social media to make friends all over the world. In order to be successful, would you be open to more information and then go into that last one where they say,

Objection 3: I don’t think I’m good at sales?

These are the top three that I would say I hear pretty often by talking to people every day about this business. I don’t think I’m good at sales. This is a really good tip. Ask them their favourite restaurant, right? Wait for their answer, then ask them what they would eat there. Let them describe it to you and say, you just sold me. I’m going to go eat at that restaurant. And that’s exactly what I do for my business. I talk about products, services, opportunity every single day on my social media, and I share that with the world because I’m passionate about it and that gets people wanting to do it just like you sold me on that restaurant and what to go eat there.

That is something that you can use in order to overcome those objections and fears.

Everyone, when they’re starting a new opportunity or doing something outside of their comfort zone, they’re going to have those fears or those limiting beliefs that try to help make them stop. But if you already know that in advance, you can use that in your conversation to help them make the decision to join your team. 🌳

Courtney VanAuken

Courtney is an experienced marketing data analyst with a Masters in Business Administration. Her network marketing business skyrocketed when she applied her business skills to social selling. Courtney is here to share her formula for building a social selling dream team.
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