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How to Build a Dream Team of Social Sellers

How to Develop a Recruiting Mindset

It’s all about mindset… 💜

It’s about hard work too… but you knew that already. In Courtney’s next lesson she helps you develop a recruiting mindset so you’re in the right headspace to build and more importantly, lead a team.


  • How your energy supports your reality
  • Resources you can use
  • Why mindset is so important?

One of the biggest tips I have for people, especially when they are looking to grow their team, is to start looking inside. 💜

Your mindset and the way that you’re thinking about the things that you want, creates your reality. So if you’re right away thinking, oh, I can’t grow a team, I can’t do that. How did she get 60? I don’t know if I could ever even do that. That’s the mindset that’s not going to get you to your goals as soon as you make that decision to have a positive mindset and realize that you can do anything, right? The word impossible literally says I’m possible in it.

This was something that was huge for me, in my first couple of months of my business and I started growing right away. I listened to a different podcast every day, a YouTube video, I got on trainings, I did courses like these. So this is perfect for you to keep growing, keep watching courses like this to grow your mindset and so you  can become that person who brings in a bunch of people to their team.

People can feel your energy through your conversations. ✨ So when I’m talking to a potential recruit, whether it’s through a video call or even a voice message, or even just through sending messages back and forth on social media, they can feel my energy. If I approach a conversation with this person is not going to even want to do this anyway. They’re going to feel that vibe and they’re not going to join my team, most likely. But if I approach every single day and every single conversation with the mindset of I have something super valuable here, it’s already changed my life or I’m brand new and it’s going to change my life. And I know that this is a very, very, very powerful business that can literally change this person’s life. How does that energy feel right?

  • You sit up.
  • You open up your shoulders like you’re in that mode.
  • You’re in that mindset to help this person literally change their life by starting a business with you, right?

And they’re going to be so much more likely to commit to hitting the Start button on your website and becoming a rep with you because they already know that you have such an amazing spirit. You have such an amazing energy that they’re just like, I want more of that, and I know this person is going to be training me and helping me along the way. So show up with your most valuable mindset, with the most positive mindset that you have something so amazing here in the palm of your hands and you’re about to gift it to this person and literally change their life.

Courtney VanAuken

Courtney is an experienced marketing data analyst with a Masters in Business Administration. Her network marketing business skyrocketed when she applied her business skills to social selling. Courtney is here to share her formula for building a social selling dream team.
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