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How to be Inclusive with your Social Selling Strategy

Be inclusive with your language

Don’t paint everyone with the same brush 🎨

In Chris’ second lesson, he talks all about gender-neutral language and how it can make your content more inclusive.

You’ll learn:

  • What is gender neutrality
  • Why being inclusive in your messaging is important
  • How to make your messaging more inclusive

Be inclusive with your language 💜

I’ve hosted dozens of talks and presentations on diversity and inclusivity to a variety of businesses, organizations and universities here in Vancouver. And at the end of it all, the point I stress is gender neutrality. One of the biggest changes that I discuss is switching to gender-neutral language.

An example of that is to avoid language like:

  • Ladies
  • Gentlemen
  • Ma’am
  • Sir
  • Boys
  • Girls

🌟Instead, make that switch to more gender-neutral language like:

  • Friends
  • Folks
  • Everyone
  • Y’all
  • Team

My personal favorite is peeps, and everyone at Penny knows that when they see something that starts off with hey peeps, it’s a pretty good chance that it came from me.

Shifting to gender-inclusive language really respects and acknowledges the gender identities of all people, and it removes any assumptions. Imagine if somebody misgendered you accidentally. It might not bother you if it’s just once or twice. But what if it happened in every interaction, every day for years?

Chris Kennedy he/him

"I am an active and passionate member of Penny’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity Group and enthusiastically look for fresh and creative ways to further inclusion in all aspects of life."
LevelUp Instructors Chris Kennedy
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