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How to Choose the Right Company for YOU

The Company

How long has the company been around?

In JJ’s second video he tells us the criteria he recommends for choosing the right direct sales company, evaluating the odds that it will succeed.

Know what questions to ask when you research:

  • The Company
  • The Owners
  • The Products
  • The Compensation Plan
  • Your Leader/Business Partner

So the first point is company, but I need you to look at the company from this perspective: How old is the company? The age of the company truly does matter. So in order to set yourself up for success, I recommend you choose a legacy company. A legacy company is a company that’s anywhere from 10, 50, 20 years plus. I know this might catch some of you by surprise because many want to be involved in a company at the ground floor at the beginning, and then it grows to be worth a gazillion dollars. And you’ve been with that company the entire time. Nice dream, but not the reality. And extremely, extremely rare. With a younger company, you’re going to incur more risk. The track record is a lot shorter, and many of them don’t even make it past a year. See, they haven’t gone through that learning curve and shown that they can be committed to developing relevant products, platforms and systems. Choose the right staff and be able to deal with the inevitable dips and challenges that happen in our profession. The legacy company, they’ve gone through that and more, they’ve demonstrated a consistent track record. So you don’t have to worry about whether they’re going to be around or not or whether they’re going to continue to grow, or whether they’re going to be able to pay you from week to week. You don’t want to invest your time, your energy, your resources and your reputation in a company that may or may not be around. Find a legacy company that’s demonstrated long-term vision with a long-term commitment. You do that, you will not be disappointed.

JJ Birden

JJ Birden is a former NFL player, best-selling author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, husband and father. As a Direct Sales Leader, he's shooting for the top and bringing his whole team with him. He’s been married to his college sweetheart, Raina, for 30 years and has 8 children (3 biological and 5 adopted nieces and nephews). He and his family reside in the Phoenix area.
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