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How to Rank Advance in 5 Simple Steps

Know your Numbers and Start with the End in Mind

Do you know what you actually need to do to hit rank advancement?

In Melissa’s second lesson she talks you through the importance of knowing your numbers. You need to know your business health, your company’s compensation plan and map your growth activities so they align where you are with where you need to be.


  • Why you need to know your numbers
  • What numbers you should be looking at
  • How to map your numbers to your strategy

The second step to hitting any goal, more specifically rank advancing is you have to know your numbers. It’s so important to understand the compensation plan. So if you’re feeling a little bit shaky or you’re not 100% clear on exactly what the numbers are for you to rank advance, then get together with somebody who understands the plan and can really sit down and walk you through it. So that you are crystal clear. ✓

Then from there, you want to start with the end in mind and work backwards. So when I say start with the end in mind, what I mean is start with that rank as the end goal and then work backwards from there.

  • What exactly is it going to take for you to reach that rank?
  • How many new customers do you need to bring into your business?
  • What is the average order size that your existing customers need to be ordering on a regular basis?
  • How many people on your team do you need to help hit their goals? So that you can hit your goals?

Everything here is a numbers game, so if you don’t know your numbers, it’s going to be difficult for you to hit the target.

Also, think about the time frame that is reasonable for you to hit this rank. Now, I don’t particularly love using the word reasonable because I think that you can work miracles when you really put your mind to it. However, when it comes to rank advancing and when it comes to the time and the effort and the energy and the people involved in hitting that rank, you have to get super clear with yourself about your availability and your bandwidth. How much time do you have to work your business every single day and every single week? And how long is it going to take you to reach this level of leadership so that you can sustain that rank? Again, it all comes down to numbers. 🕶

  • How many new people do you need to bring into your organization?
  • New customers, new business builders?
  • What goals do they need to hit in order for you to hit your goal?

💜 Because when the team wins, you win, so start with the end in mind and work backwards. 💜

Also, super important to remember that the way that you earn income is not linear. Your income plan is meant to grow month over month, year over year with momentum. So stack rank your income plan month one, month two, month three to be graduated and it will be so much easier for you to hit this rank in a simplistic, sustainable way. So for this step, it’s really important that you connect with the person that’s mentoring. You sit down and come up with a plan. Start with the end in mind, know your numbers and work backwards from there. Stay consistent. Stay focused. And every single month. Take an assessment of what worked, what didn’t and what new micro mini-goal you can set each week, each pay period each month until you hit that rank.

Melissa Martin

Melissa specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to embody their next level of leadership. A Business & Embodiment Coach, Melissa helps Network Marketers radiate authentically, lead with authority and attract abundance with ease. After hitting a few plateaus in her business, Melissa began to learn that the key to success was not found in someone else’s strategy, but from doing her own inner work and tapping into her own authentic voice. Taking ownership of her growth and leading from a place of true authenticity eventually led to her speaking on several stages, hosting women empowerment events and leading others to their own version of success.
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