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How to Rank Advance in 5 Simple Steps

Build a Skills and Development Roadmap

Do you have the skills to achieve your goals?

In Melissa’s third LevelUP lesson she helps you assess what skills you need to develop or learn to achieve your goals. (Check out the other LevelUP courses so you can expand your skills today!)


  • What skills you’re missing
  • Why you need to improve your skills to rank advance
  • How to build a skills roadmap

Step 3 is to build out a skills and development roadmap, this is so hugely important, so rank advancing and building real leadership in your organization is so much more than just the numbers. It’s about who you are being and the skill set that you bring to the table. And when we can get really honest with what our current strengths are and what our areas of opportunity are when it comes to growing in our leadership and growing in rank advancement, we have a powerful roadmap and execution plan that we can follow. 👍.

It’s so much more than just the numbers. It’s really about taking accountability for who we are every single day in our areas of opportunity for growth. So, when you think about that rank, think about somebody in your company who embodies what it looks like to be a leader. Maybe they’re already at the tippy top of the income plan, or they’re just a few steps ahead of you and that is the next rank on your vision board. Sit down with them and have a conversation and ask them:

  • What are the skill sets necessary to get to this level of leadership?
  • What are the strengths that you personally that have contributed to your success here in the business?
  • What do you think are the necessary skills for someone at this level of leadership to possess and get honest with yourself?

Write down a list of every single skill that you bring to the table. For example, you might be incredible at speaking to people in live settings. Or maybe you’re really, really great on getting on Instagram and sharing stories. Maybe you’re so good with numbers and math, but when it comes to doing your reports every single pay period, you have it down like the back of your hand.

Get really clear on what your strengths are and then compare your strengths to the person that’s already at that rank and get honest. What are your areas of opportunity? Where are the areas that you have an opportunity to grow in your leadership and focus on so that when you get to this level of leadership, not only can you maintain it and sustain it, but you can grow through it. This is going to give you a solid roadmap of accountability that you can take when it comes to reaching your goals. ✨

So now you know, your WHY, the numbers and now you have a plan of action when it comes to personal and professional development. So that you can take ownership for your growth. And guess what this does? This creates duplication for your organization. Now you can teach your leaders how to do the exact same thing, and they can take ownership for their own development. Remember, in this business, your leaders are responsible to you, but they are not responsible for you. It is your responsibility to take ownership for your areas of strength and your areas of opportunity. If you want to grow a successful long term business and hit that next big rank on your vision board.

So your next step is to reach out to the person that embodies that rank that you want to get to have a conversation with them, be accountable to your growth and your development. What this will do is it will give you a plan of action that you can focus on over the next, whatever time frame it was that you set for that goal. And you can really go after it. So this plan of action might look like being here in this community and taking it ownership of your growth. It might be reading a book, hiring a coach, getting to an event, joining a seminar or listening to a podcast.

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Melissa Martin

Melissa specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to embody their next level of leadership. A Business & Embodiment Coach, Melissa helps Network Marketers radiate authentically, lead with authority and attract abundance with ease. After hitting a few plateaus in her business, Melissa began to learn that the key to success was not found in someone else’s strategy, but from doing her own inner work and tapping into her own authentic voice. Taking ownership of her growth and leading from a place of true authenticity eventually led to her speaking on several stages, hosting women empowerment events and leading others to their own version of success.
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