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How to Rank Advance in 5 Simple Steps

Decide on Who You’re Becoming

What will change when you rank advance and reach your goals? 🚀

Melissa’s fourth LevelUP course is all about envisioning the leader you want to become and acting like that leader now. Mindset is a huge part of rank advancement, it’s not everything, but if you know what you’re aiming for it’s a lot more likely you’ll achieve it.


  • How to write your story today for the next 5 years
  • How to take ownership of how you show up for your business
  • How to think like a leader

Step four in reaching any goal, but more specifically, rank advancing is deciding who you are becoming. ✨ This is probably one of the most important steps and it’s one that a lot of people miss. So kudos to you for being here and taking accountability for your growth. This is all about who you are becoming. When you think about that person that has that rank, that is growing, that team that is fully in their leadership:

  • How does that person act day to day?
  • How do they carry themselves?
  • What kind of books are they reading?
  • What type of conversations are they having?
  • What kind of morning routines and evening routines are they implementing in their life?
  • How do they value their time?

None of this matters if you are not being that version of leadership that you were growing into now. I believe that there are three versions of who we are every single day. There’s our current self who is making decisions every second of every moment. There’s our past self who’s been through all the mistakes, all the limiting beliefs, maybe some success and has gotten us to where we are today. But then there is our future self, that version of us. It’s already hit that rank. They’re an incredible leader. They have a massive team. They’re creating impact.

Remember, you are writing your story today and you’re going to tell that story five years from now. 💌 So when you think of that version of you, the one that’s been there, that’s done that, that’s already hit that leadership level. How is that version of you showing up every single day in your business? You don’t have to wait until you hit that rank to start taking ownership for the way that you show up in your business every single day. So this step is all about embodying that leader. It’s about showing up 100% as if you have already hit that goal and starting to think, act, talk and behave like the leader that you already are. Even if you haven’t hit that rank yet, so some questions to sit and reflect on as you get ready to move to the last and final step is when you think about that version of you.

  • What type of people are you recruiting into your business?
  • How are you running your team?
  • How do people respect you?
  • How do you manage your time?

Take some time to reflect on these questions. Grab a notebook and pen and journal, free write as if you were already there. What does your day to day look like, and how can you start implementing those practices, those beliefs and those actions into your business now?

Melissa Martin

Melissa specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to embody their next level of leadership. A Business & Embodiment Coach, Melissa helps Network Marketers radiate authentically, lead with authority and attract abundance with ease. After hitting a few plateaus in her business, Melissa began to learn that the key to success was not found in someone else’s strategy, but from doing her own inner work and tapping into her own authentic voice. Taking ownership of her growth and leading from a place of true authenticity eventually led to her speaking on several stages, hosting women empowerment events and leading others to their own version of success.
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