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How to Write a Business Plan for Social Selling

Your Business GPS (Goals, Priorities, Strategy)

Do you know what your business goal is?

Jim explains why you need Goals, Priorities and a Strategy if your business is going to succeed.


  • Why a Goal isn’t enough
  • How to define your priorities

All right, welcome to video two and the start of your business plan, so I use a model called the GPS and it stands for goal, priorities and strategies.

  • The goal tells us where we’re going.
  • The priorities tell us what needs to happen in order to hit the goal
  • And then the strategies tell us how we’re going to make those priorities happen.

That’s where we actually get practical and tactical. So let’s get out of the network marketing headspace for a second. I’m going to explain it in fitness terms that we can turn around and then use that model and apply it to our businesses. So the goal might be to lose 30 pounds, for example. All right. Cool simple. Now, if we’re going to do that goal, what do we have to focus on? What are the priorities? And that’s the second part.

So obviously we need to focus on diet, right? Like what we’re putting in, we need to focus on exercise, and I’ll argue that we probably need to do some personal development in there also. OK, so we’ve got three priorities under our goal go lose 30 pounds, three priorities diet, exercise, personal development and notice I didn’t say in the priority section what diet I was going to do or how much exercise or what the personal development piece even looked like. I simply named what the priorities and focal points were. Now, the strategies, that’s where we get tactical. I’m going to break each of these priorities, open separately and write a list of actual practical things that I can do to make the priority real so that priority one of diet breaking it open right down here. What can I do to diet that’s going to bring about this goal?

So I might put something like 16:8 intermittent fasting six days a week, maybe Keto for three months, a gallon of water daily, tracking macros, right? I’m now writing a list of practical things I can do under that diet.

Under exercise, I might put like 30 minutes of cardio four times a week, three times weekly strength training.

Under personal development, I might put read 10 pages every day of a growth related book. So what we have when we look in sum, total of this tool is I’m going to lose 30 pounds, I’m going to do it by focusing on diet, exercise growth and strategically here’s what I’m going to practically do to bring about each of these focal items.

We take that approach to business. Here’s my goal for the next year. This is where I’m going. Here are the items I’m focusing on, and here’s exactly how I’m going to make it happen. Boom, done. Don’t even overthink it. Super simple. That’s your business plan. One piece of paper. You can laminate it. Stick it on your office wall.

In the next video, we’re going to get really practical and Zoom in on your goal, which is that first part of the piece.

Jim Larsen

Business Coach, Business Builder, Author, Podcast Host, Jim Larsen is here to support you build the business of your dreams. Jim is all about having fun. He believes "making money in business is just a BYPRODUCT of solving problems and having fun doing it."
Jim Larsen
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