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What makes a Penny Power Week different?

What Makes A Penny Power Week Different

Power Weeks are a staple in the direct sales calendar. What makes a Penny Power Week different is that it focuses on INCREASING REVENUE while BUILDING INCOME GENERATING HABITS all within the app that can make that happen (Penny).

So many sellers get stuck because they focus their time on non-income generating activities which can spiral in a lack of confidence when they fail to see results. A Penny Power Week helps build long-lasting habits for sustainable business growth.

And the results speak for themselves:


Generating repeat business

In one Power Week a partner saw:

227% increase in Customer Care tasks

Resulting in

71% increase in Repeat Business Revenue

Engaging sellers, reducing churn levels form not seeing success

In one Power Week a partner saw:

350 active sellers

Using 250 scripts

Engaging with over 100 comments

Resulting in

94% increase in active sellers week over week

What is a Penny Power Week?


A full week dedicated to business growth, guided by the Penny Partner Success team. 

The week includes:


What makes a Penny Power Week different?

Power Weeks

Power Weeks at Penny are company specific one-week events created with corporate partners. These weeks are tailored to strategic goals such as:

✨For some partners we also run Power Weekends as short sharp bursts of activity for sellers who only work their business on the weekend.✨

Recognition is a huge part of a Power Week, with sellers competing to complete the highest number of tasks. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s motivating. There are prizes and top-performer shoutouts throughout the week to motivate task completion. It doesn’t just give a significant boost to sales, it inspires others when they see success and know that there’s a proven connection between business-building tasks and their income.

In one Power Week over 12,000+ tasks were completed, with the top task completer completing 500+ tasks. Find out more about Penny Power Weeks and other Revenue Acceleration Programs designed to support our clients.

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