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How to Use Email Marketing for Social Selling

Just Say No to Promotional Newsletters

Common mistakes to avoid in email marketing

In Rachel’s 4th LevelUP lesson she explains where most people go wrong with email marketing and shows you how to avoid this common mistake. 🔥


  • How to put value in your emails
  • Why promotional newsletters don’t work
  • What you should be doing instead

Yes, please, just say no to those newsletters.

I’m not saying stop sending the newsletters.

I’m not saying stop sending promotions and sales.

What I am saying is don’t send them as much.

Can we just think about your inbox right now when you get newsletters and sales and promos? Do you read all of them? Probably not. I go to my promotions folder often and I just delete them all. I don’t even look at them because it’s overwhelming, right? But the emails that I do open are usually emails from someone I feel that I have connection with or that I know are going to add some value to my life. What should you be focusing on when you send an email? You should be focusing on connecting. And what does that mean? What it means is that you’re going to talk about you and talk about them and just be super relatable. Listen, here’s an example of an email that I’ve sent out. It was Easter. It was during the pandemic and my girls wanted to get dressed up for Easter. So we took a picture of them by the pretty tree, and it was such a sweet picture. Now I could have sent that out and been like, happy Easter, everyone. But instead I had that picture and then I had a picture of my husband and I in our pajamas. I had no makeup on. I look like a hot mess. Also by the tree. So I sent both of those pictures out saying, happy Easter, guys. This was how our Easter went and shared with them that the girls wanted to dress up and that Mark, and I didn’t. That was hilarious. People found that to be so funny and so real and so relatable. People want that. They want to know you.

They don’t want to know all about the sales. They don’t want to know all about the product. They want to know who you are.  🦋

  • Entertain your audience.
  • Add value.
  • Make them laugh.

Because when you are being relatable, people can connect with you on a deeper level. They start thinking, Oh my gosh, she knows who I am. That’s what you want. Because when you connect on that deeper level, that’s when your business will grow. In the last video, I’m going to teach you exactly what to share in your emails so you can connect and add value.

Rachel Perry

"I'm here to help you attract the right people so you can get new customers who beg to join your team rather than you begging them. Having built my own direct sales business, I learned how frustrating it can be when you're trying to attract the right people. After working with thousands of direct sellers, I developed an email system that any direct seller can use to attract the right people to their list." - Rachel Perry, Direct Sales Business Coach
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