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How to Use Email Marketing for Social Selling

How To Make Money in Your Sleep with Email

Make money in my sleep? Yes please! 🤩

Woo! You made it! In Rachel’s final LevelUP lesson she takes you through how to automate your email marketing sequence so you can actually make money in your sleep.


  • How to automate email sequences
  • The importance of consistency
  • Why you should start now!

Can you really make money in your sleep with email? Yeah, you can let me tell you how.

First of all, in the last video, we talked about the importance of using email to connect, to sharing stories, to talking about your life. To really sharing a more vulnerable side of yourself. Now you need to start sending out a weekly email, just a weekly email, connecting… adding value. And if that seems overwhelming to you, that’s fine.

Let’s start with one email. Start with one email that you’re going to send out to your audience today. What I want you to do is when you send emails, let’s say four emails, one for each week. The first three emails are going to be just adding value, just connecting. OK. How do you add value? Share tips. Everyone loves a good tip. Hacks Oh my gosh, please tell me hacks. Y’all, if you sell shampoo, I don’t know. For example, talk about dry shampoo and how it can change your world. If you are with a cooking company, you have shared recipes, then that last email you can share something like a promo or a special or a discount because you’ve been leading up to it in these emails. So think of it as kind of a funnel, OK, and they’re starting at the top and you’re nurturing them when you’re connecting with them. And then at the end, you give them something, you offer them something, they’re warmed up.

You’ve already warmed up your audience. They’re ready for that next step. 🚀 So give them the next step. But if all you do in your emails is send special after special after special, they’re just seeing you as someone who has something to sell or who is trying to get me to join their team. But if you think about it as connecting on a deeper level and really getting to know them, that’s when it works. And the way you make it in your sleep is that this can all be automated.

You can schedule your emails when you’re using one of those platforms that I talked about in the earlier videos. And then you can map it out a month in advance. You can have it scheduled. And then, my friend, you are making money because by that fourth email, people are making purchases and you’re just sleeping good. You guys, email is so, so, so important. It can seem very daunting and very overwhelming, but all you need to do, the first step is just figure out where do you want to house your email? Second step. Send just one email out to your list and then get into that. Sending a weekly email, a weekly connection email out and then one out of the four, offer a special at the end.

That, my friends, is how you use email in your business.

Rachel Perry

"I'm here to help you attract the right people so you can get new customers who beg to join your team rather than you begging them. Having built my own direct sales business, I learned how frustrating it can be when you're trying to attract the right people. After working with thousands of direct sellers, I developed an email system that any direct seller can use to attract the right people to their list." - Rachel Perry, Direct Sales Business Coach
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