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Reframing Sales | Discover How you’re Selling Already

Sales is Relationship Building

We need to talk about sales…

In LaTisha’s fifth LevelUP class she explores the importance of relationship building in network marketing.


  • That Relationship Building is the most important
  • That sales is serving
  • That most relationships aren’t transactional

Sales is relationship building. You can’t share, educate or problem-solve for someone if you don’t know them.

I think one of the reasons why network marketing has such a negative stain on it is that there have been people who haven’t taken that approach. In fact, they’ve done the opposite. They have gone into conversations, thinking only of themselves. What can I get from this person? How can I convince someone to buy products or join my team so I can hit my rank and hit my goals for the month, right? As opposed to how can I be of service to this person? How can I help them? How can I connect with them? Those are two very different energies, and people feel energy.

I want to encourage you to focus on the person in front of you and every interaction, whether it’s your sister-in-law or someone you meet at a coffee shop, find out about them and genuinely care about them. So that they can feel your energy. Now here’s the deal about relationships. Most of them are non-transactional. Just because you cultivate and you go out of your way to care for someone and to build the relationship is not a guarantee. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to support your business. They may never be your VIP client, they may never be your business partner. But if you have a great relationship with them, you’re still winning. I believe that the right people will find you and you’ll find them, and you will connect with them because you’re going to consistently show up, you’re going to be professional and you’re going to take action.

One thing I’ve learned in my business is that no, doesn’t mean no. A lot of times it means not right now. My best friend did not become my VIP client until eight months after I started my business. There were some misconceptions that she had about network marketing, she had about my company, and I think she also needed to see that I was serious about this, that this wasn’t something that I was going to do for a month and then quit because I wasn’t successful. And now she’s my VIP client. So a lot of times again, no, does not mean no. It means not right now. And there are so many different ways for people to support you. So even if they say, listen, I don’t want to buy anything, I don’t want to join your team. They can connect you with other people who might be a good fit for either the products or the business. They can shout you out on social media. They can give you an encouraging “You can do this!” speech. Right? Support doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they’re your VIP client or that they join your team. But if you will stay in the energy of genuinely caring for people, of genuinely wanting to help them and make their lives better, they will feel that and that energy will come back to you tenfold.

LaTisha Cotto

My name is LaTisha Cotto. I’m a Master Life Coach + Motivational Speaker. I’m obsessed with helping YOU love yourself into the life of your dreams. There’s a saying that, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I believe that it’s not an accident that you stumbled onto my course. YOU ARE READY TO OWN YOUR MAGIC. It’s my joy and honour to remind you of your innate brilliance, resilience and worthiness.
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