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In the Penny Content Section you can add any content you want for your distributors to share. From top performing scripts, product information, special deals, branded imagery, event links… etc. It’s an incredible feature in Penny and when well organised can make users' social selling outreach game so much easier, slicker and more profitable. 

Release exclusive company content in Penny to drive users. This adds another layer of incentive for distributors to download Penny and start using the app to run their business. 

Content suggestions:

  • Brand new consultant messaging! Advertise that you have new distributors messaging in Penny to help them start their business. 
  • Go big! A whole event promotion that is exclusive for Penny users. 
  • Scripts relating to specific 
    • Events
    • Products
    • Promotions 

One of the top issues distributors face is not knowing what to say. Arm them with scripts for each instance so they’re no longer left wondering. 

Here are a few templates you can use and adapt. 

Announcing your Business to Supporters

Version 1: ‘Hello! How are you? After talking about it for so long I've finally done it and launched my own direct sales business. If you know anyone who would be interested in the products please send them my way! Thank you so much, so excited!’

Version 2: ‘Hey, do you remember when I started using [product name]... well… I loved it so much, I’ve signed up as a brand ambassador! If you know anyone who might be interested in the products point them in my direction.’ 

Announcing business to friends and acquaintances who have the same issues as you

‘Do you remember when we were complaining about [XXX]? (expensive products, can’t shift weight, being super stressed, etc.) Well I just started using [PRODUCT NAME] and they’ve worked so well for me I’ve decided to become a rep and sell them myself! If you want to try the products let me know and I can get you some free samples or you can use my discount code.’

Follow up message to people who liked a social media post about your business

‘Hi XXX, I hope you’re well I just wanted to say thank you so much for liking my post about my new business. I know it seems small but it means so much to me. If you’re ever interested in any products, let me know and if you know of anyone who might be interested please put them in touch. All the best - [NAME]’ 

Reachout message to someone who expressed interest on social media (who you don’t know) 

Part 1: ‘Hi XXX, So lovely to e-meet you in this little corner of the internet. I saw you liked the look of [PRODUCT NAME], it’s so good! I use it all the time!’


Part 2: [Reference Response]. If you’d like to place an order, here’s a link with some recommended products. Let me know if you have any questions!’ 

Reachout to a referee 

‘Hi [Name], I hope you’re well and don’t mind me dropping you a message, [Referee Name] mentioned you might be interested in trying some [Product name]. Just thought I’d introduce myself and let you know if you have any questions I’m always happy to help. Here’s a link to browse the products. If any catch your fancy, let me know!’

Message to follow-up to someone who expressed interest in person (FREE SAMPLES)

“So good to talk to you the other day, I know you were interested in some of the products. I’d love to send you some free samples. What’s the best address to send them to?’

Message to follow-up to someone who expressed interest in person (ORDER)

“So good to talk to you the other day, you mentioned you were interested in [PRODUCT NAME]. And before I forgot I wanted to pull together a cart for you with some recommended products. You can add or remove any others and then just hit order when you’re ready. Any questions, just let me know!’

First Time Customer Follow-up Message

“Thank you so much for placing your first order. I love the products so I really hope you love them too. I’ll check in when they’ve arrived to find out what you thought. Any questions in the meantime, let me know! Thank you once again - have a fab day!’

Order Received Message

‘Hi [NAME], did you receive your [PRODUCT NAME]? Do you like it? I’m dying to hear your thoughts!’

Follow-up with customer for repeat purchases 

Hi [Name], I was just thinking of you, how’re things? I realized you’re probably coming to the end of [PRODUCT NAME], would you like me to put in a repeat order or would you like to try something else?’

Looking to add content to your Penny content library. Reach out to your Account Success Manager. (Soon you’ll have a dashboard where you can do this yourself) 

For a better understanding of what to host in Content read Penny’s Content Library Best Practices.

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